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Please familiarize yourself with our terms to ensure smooth ordering and delivery.

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Orders & Delivery

Please note! Your order must reach us in hand by 12:00pm at the latest on the day before desired delivery. For Monday deliveries we must have the order by 12:00pm on Saturday. Please note that we can not deliver on Sundays and danish holidays as the store is not open. 

Delivery in Copenhagen  - 80 kr. (light green area on the map)

Delivery in Greater Copenhagen - 80 kr. (dark green area on the map)

Delivery for outside Greater Copenhagen - 425 kr. and delivered via Danske Fragtmænd.

Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen delieveries will be within normal store opening hours. 

Deliveries for funerals can be done at the requested time so long as the order is received before 12:00pm the day before the funeral.

There is a 14-day return policy on all products other than fresh flowers. Shipping/Delivery costs are non-refundable.

We guarantee delivery of first-class goods. Any complaints should be made immiediately to our store directly at +45 33 15 26 11.

If you regret you order, you have the option to cancel no later than the last working day before 12:00pm the day before delivery. You can email us at beringflowers@beringflowers.com or call us at +45 33 15 26 11.

When you order via our website, all information you give (aside from payment card details) is registered in our systems. Only we have access to this information and it will not be disclosed.  

For further information on how data is handled please read our privacy policy.

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