ABOUT bering

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, our talented decorators beauitfully prepare flowers for any occasion.

The Story Behind Bering Flowers

It was Erik Bering's grandmother who sparked his interest for wild flowers in nature.

Erik Bering began his floral apprenticeship in the 1960s at "Viola" in Hellerup, Denmark. This was followed by a period of study in Paris and then "Flower House" in London. It was especially his time spent in London that made a big impression on him. The romantic style - a little heavy, a little dramatic.

In 1972 Erik Bering opened "The House of Flowers" in Købmagergade in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. The philosophy that all flowers are equal and that all people are equally welcome in the shop, is seen to this day.

About Bjarne Als

Bjarne Als was born in 1965 in Fredensborg, Denmark. At the ripe age of 11, Bjarne began his career as a florist. From 1976-1980 he worked as a florist and assistant at "Country House" florist in Fredensborg.

In 1982 he started as a student of Erik Bering, The House of Flowers Aps. Bjarne Als and Erik Bering worked together on numerous projects, both for Danish and international royalty.

In 2003 Bjarne Als was appointed Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court and took over the business from Erik Bering.

"The most a man can achieve is when the essence of what he creates is love for his work. I have always strived to create things that make others happy and thereby make me happy."

Bjarne Als